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Our house has always prided itself on its rich heritage, and its reputation as one of the finest and most long-standing yet often innovative embroidery houses in Damascus, Syria. Today, our extraordinary story serves as a reminder of the integrity, excellence and attention to quality that has defined Golden Stitches for generations; standards which we strive to maintain in our Embroidery today.

Founded in 1990, the first Golden stitch shop was established in Damascus Syria .As an Innovative and creative initiative which incorporated an equestrian embroidery workshop, the house quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best embroidery companies in the country for much of the nineteenth century, a specialism which became the very foundations of the house. Golden stitch continues to make the best embroidery and screen printing all across Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, United states etc…….
We have become an icon in the Embroidery and screen printing industry throughout the country, with clients in over 52 different states. Over the more than 25 years of our existence, we have helped many people – men and women, both young and old – to become successful by enhancing their appearance and improving their confidence through well-fitted, pin sharp detailed, rich colors and crisp lettering embroidery . They have all been properly and fashionably dressed by our family at Golden Stitches

Our Expert services

Golden Stitch Screen Printing & Embroidery will guide you from the beginning until the end, from evaluating your project to choosing thread colors or garment styles.

Custom Embroidered Clothing

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the quality and traditional look of embroidery. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with thread!

Custom Silk Screen Printing

Need a bulk order of custom printed clothing? We’ll make sure your artwork is screen-printed to perfection with orders from 50 to 2500+ items.

Custom Patches

Custom embroidered patches can be sewed or ironed on to almost any garment for a fantastic finish. Laser cutting and stitched edges also allow any custom shape


Our in-house digitising service can take any image provided by you and convert it to an embroidery file.
Our fully trained digitising staff are waiting to help you.

A Tip of what we can do for you

Simply show us your artwork and our expert digitiser will transform your design into a beautiful looking embroidery. From initial concept through to production, we do everything under one roof and deliver in 10 days or less.

Professional Tailors

Stunning Designs

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